Recruitment Agency Expo 2021

Why visit Recruitment Agency Expo?

The recruitment business isn’t simply fast. It’s relentless. How often do you find the mental space needed to look beyond the needs of the moment? How much time does your day allow for thinking about the bigger picture?

The Recruitment Agency Expo unites the industry’s leading figures to answer the biggest questions facing our business. During two packed days you’ll hear from recruitment’s most influential voices and be exposed to the ideas shaping our industry. By the time you leave, that big picture will have found sharp focus.

Why you can’t afford to miss this year’s Recruitment Agency Expo  

Thought leadership

Over the course of two days the Recruitment Agency Expo gives voice to the ideas and individuals shaping our industry. Get up to speed with changes affecting the industry today. Get a clear view of the challenges and opportunities you’ll be up against tomorrow.

Networking opportunities

All the leading players. All the biggest names. No other UK event unites so many recruitment industry professionals. There is no better opportunity to forge relationships critical to the future of your business, and your career.

Innovative products and services

The influence of digital is disrupting every industry, and recruitment is no exception. Alongside industry professionals, the Recruitment Agency Expo introduces you to pioneering products and services that can empower you, and your business.

With just one visit you will…

  • See hundreds of products and services relevant to your business
  • Attend the extensive FREE seminar and training programme
  • Keep abreast with latest industry trends
  • Gather information on the latest products and services
  • Learn about the latest developments in the sector
  • Establish new contacts and network with your industry colleagues
  • Get ideas for developing your business
  • Stay ahead of your competition; learn about the latest innovations and new technology to help your business to become more profitable
  • Be a part of the industry gathering of the year
  • Gain new insights into the latest technology


Tuesday May 18, 2021 to Wednesday May 19, 2021