UI Developer

Industry Specialisation:
Accountancy & Finance, Banking, I.T., Media & Creative/Digital
Industry Sector
£65,000 Per Annum
A wonderful array of benefits,including private health, pension plus much more
Contract Type:

The Client

Our client is a global Tier 1 company involved in many leading mission critical projects. They are highly regarded within the industry and are one of the largest independent technology & business services firms in the world. They consider employees as highly valued members of the business and offer extensive progression opportunities for those wishing to move further in their career on a local, national or global scale.

The Role of UI Developer

Our client is looking for a confident UI developer with experience of working within the financial services sector to join their busy team.

You will be contributing to UI designs and engineering best practices as well as writing solution code

Responsibilities as the UI Developer

  • Assisting with UI-based test automation activities
  • Contributing to a catalogue of common assets such as code templates, libraries, utilities and services
  • Developing automated build and deployment processes to enable teams agility
  • Contributing to UI development standards for the team
  • Understanding, and where necessary challenging requirements, to ensure the correct solution is designed and implemented
  • Being actively involved in all planning sessions
  • Managing your time and helping the team meet their sprint goals
  • Carrying out code reviews via pull requests and helping to ensure the quality of the code base
  • Ensuring their code meets team standards
  • Translation UX and UI designs into working code
  • Supporting DevOps capabilities of the team

Skills, qualifications, and experience required:

  • Excellent understanding of web development frameworks and related libraries, such as React, Angular, Redux, NgRx, etc
  • Previous experience having implemented UI Automation testing solutions to support continuous delivery
  • Experience in Docker/OpenShift and are comfortable in building Cloud ready servicesHighly proficient in web mark-up, including HTML5 and CSS3 of course
  • Previously translated many ambitious UI/UX designs to actual working code
  • Experience having used many ways to improve time-to-glass, such as packing, profiling, etc
  • Excellent understanding of web application frameworks and related libraries, such as node.js, Spring Boot, etc
  • Developed multiple REST APIs (to RMM Level 3) and may have experimented with GraphQL
  • Used an API Gateway to manage your services, but limit their scope to the essentials
  • You always serve your clients with the most appropriate, OpenAPI-documented status codes
  • Some experience in configuring web servers, such as Apache HTTP, NGINX, IIS, etc.
  • Good understanding of asynchronous programming patterns, such as promises, callbacks, closures, async/await, etc
  • Familiar with reactive programming patterns and frameworks
  • You know what makes a great toolchain and have upgraded over time, such as NPM, Yarn, Gulp, Webpack, etc
  • You can explain where and why you would use any of ES6 vs TypeScript vs JavaScript (and may have taken the plunge with others too)
  • You don’t treat security as an after-thought, having an understanding of OAuth 2 grants and scopes, strategies for the latest OWASP Top 10, etc
  • Great understanding of many types of database systems, spanning SQL, Nosql, Object Storage, etc
  • You have very high development standards, especially for code quality, code reviews, unit testing, continuous integration and deployment
  • Proficient in git, of course
  • You have made a contribution, no matter how small, to open source softwareYou may have stood-up an app, commercial or personal, on a cloud platform, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc
  • You are very competent with your OS command line - Linux and/or Microsoft Windows
  • You apply a range of logical techniques to problem-solving, such as the use of concrete examples, case analysis, brute-force, iterative refinement and reduction

Other requirements

  • Ideally, you will have worked within the financial services sector, but other sectors will also be considered
  • An adaptable, resourceful, well organised team player with a strong work ethic, and are committed to delivering quality solutions on time
  • You agree that verbal and written communication skills are vital
  • You are eager to grow your skills