How Technology Is Disrupting The Recruitment Process

Bristol, United Kingdom

#rcnvs How Technology Is Disrupting The Recruitment Process: BristolWednesday, 27 April 2016 from 09:00 to 16:30 (BST)


Bristol, United Kingdom


The recruitment and HR industry has a reputation for being very slow when it comes to the adoption of new technology, however this lethargy should not stop you from enjoying the benefits of new innovative technologies, especially when there are so many new products available today that can help improve all aspects of the recruitment lifecycle.

This event takes a look at which recruitment technologies you need to be considering this year. This event will look at:

  • Discover the changing candidate behaviours that are driving innovation in recruitment technologies. Learn which of these your company needs to consider to maintain your recruiting effectiveness.
  • Love them or hate them, the ATS is at the core of a good recruitment process. There are now some exciting ATS vendors that are discarding tradition and integrating new technologies and tools into the recruitment process.
  • Everyone uses instant messaging yet it is hugely underused in recruitment. See the wide range of free messaging platforms available, and learn how to integrate them into your recruitment activities.
  • Video should be an intrinsic part of your recruitment strategy. Understand more about the different ways video can enhance different parts of your recruitment process.
  • Mobile devices are critical tools for your recruitment teams. Which new apps could they be using to increase the number of hires they are making?
  • What is next? Learn which new recruitment technologies are around the corner?



Who should attend?

Please note delegate places are exclusivelly for in-house recruitment and HR professionals. If you are a solution partner please contact us here.

This event will be split into three parts:

Solution Partner Speed Meetings: In our unique speed meeting format, delegates will meet a selection of hand-picked solution partners who have a proven track record in aiding in-house recruitment teams source the right candidates, build their direct source model and can add value to their current sourcing strategy.

Thought Leadership Presentations: Industry thought leaders will kick off the round table discussions with insightful, inspiring and practical presentations on the subject of the day, giving delegates rarely seen information and case studies to take back to their teams.

Round Table Discussion: Exclusively for the employer delegates, we will host a round table discussion, offering a chance to share best practice, connect with industry peers and debate the subject of the day. This is peer to peer learning at its best.

Reconverse always aim to build an encouraging, fun and learning environment to test ideas and share experiences. Delegates will leave better informed and safe in the knowledge that other recruitment and resourcing professionals face similar challenges.


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