CIPD Annual Conference - Manchester Central 8th-9th November

The 70th edition of the CIPD Annual Conference will focus on the major shifts that are affecting organisations, the HR profession, and the world of work at large.

The digitalisation of work, the impact of technology on jobs, the macro socio-political changes around us, and the increased pace of organisational transformation are examples of a new world of work that is already upon us. A new world which presents major challenges and opportunities for business leaders and the people profession.

With a compelling call for action for organisations, leaders, HR and L&D professionals to champion good work and more ethical decisions, the conference programme is aimed at empowering you to become a driving force for the good of organisations, individuals and the wider society.

Through a wide variety of topic areas and learning formats, we’ll look at how we need to change and modernise our people practices not only to succeed in a new reality of work, but also to shape a fairer future that will benefit everyone.