AI In Business Conference 2024

AI is revolutionising the enterprise. Hear from those transforming organisations through the business application of artificial intelligence.

The AI in Business Conference welcomes a variety of speakers from many different industries sharing their insights on the business application of artificial intelligence. Never has it been more important to understand the impact of an enterprise technology. Hear real business insights and narrative on unlocking AI within your organisation.

Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, fireside chats, workshops and networking the event will inspire and inform those seeking out AI knowledge with actionable insights to be taken and new connections to be made. In addition the event will feature an exhibitor floor allowing those looking for enterprise level solutions and services to understand what is available and business ready.

Join us in London in November 2024 to hear from brilliant business leaders at the forefront of enterprise AI transformation and innovation.

Topics covered

Generative AI 

Understand how organisations are realising the benefits of generative AI technology while managing the associated risks. Gather insights on how businesses are expanding productivity, personalising customer experiences, accelerating R&D and creating new business models.

Emerging AI Trends

What is the state of AI in 2024 and looking ahead into 2025? Take a look at the AI ecosystem with those that are responsible for examining the potential business application of AI technologies and the part it can play within their organisations.

Large Language Models 

Incorporating LLMs into your business operations is a strategic move that could yield significant benefits, hear from those navigating this transformation and understand the essential factors when considering the adoption of LLMs for the enterprise.

AI Ethics & Governance 

A critical element that is the foundation of any business AI strategy. Ethics should underpin all AI initiatives within an organisation. Hear from those that have successfully implemented AI programmes and the journey of ensuring ethics underpins the overall strategy.

Enterprise Tools & Technologies

Understand what AI tools & technologies are available to the enterprise and hear first hand from those who have put in place enterprise level software to harness advanced artificial intelligence techniques to drive business success.

Challenges & Solutions

The conference welcomes business folk at many different stages of their 'AI journey', hear from leaders who are in those different stages of the journey and understand the challenges ahead and lessons learned from their experiences.

Why attend

Learning & development 

It's the ideal environment to hear from those leading AI initiatives from a great mix of industries giving you a wider perspective on AI enterprise use allowing you to learn real business insights and develop your understanding of a complex area of business technology.

Networking & building connections

Meet like-minded professionals and discuss common challenges that you face within the enterprise. With a great variety of delegates you're guaranteed to leave the event with new and long lasting business connections and peers working towards similar objectives.

Solutions & services

Through a well balanced agenda you can hear from industry leading solution providers on how they can accelerate your AI enterprise efforts. There is also a fantastic variety of vendors to meet within the event exhibitor area offering the latest in AI tools, technologies and thinking.

Cross industry perspectives & intelligence

It's eye opening to hear from a wide variety of industries on how they are facing challenges within AI strategy & implementation. Getting perspectives from different sectors can often lead to out the box thinking and presents a range of approaches that are applicable to your own efforts.

Team building 

It's a great place to bring your teams together away from the office or work from home setups that allow meaningful connections where there is so much opportunity to ideate and collaborate together and learn from the many speakers on stage.

Co-Located with our Digital Transformation Conference 

The event is co-located with our Digital Transformation Conference, platinum ticket holders are able to pick & choose the content from each conference on the day! With overlapping themes it's a great way to broaden your professional horizon even further!