Marketing within the Recruitment Sector

Marketing – The Swiss Army Knife of Modern-Day Recruitment Performance

Modern-day recruitment is evolving at an unprecedented rate and never before has marketing played such a leading role in a sector with sales at its heart. To succeed recruiters need an increasingly diverse toolkit, with multi-faceted skills helping to improve the candidate experience and imperialise client alignment. And this is the role of the recruitment marketer. Energetic, passionate and savvy, marketers entwine recruitment sales with business branding and help recruiters make more placements.

Aimed at professionals leading marketing and sales teams, this high-octane conference is packed with takeaways that will improve your personal performance and drive more revenue to your team. Learn more about content production and distribution, customer engagement, client retention, social media strategy, business branding, inbound and outbound marketing and much, much more.

Register for this event if you lead marketing within your recruitment organisation or are a sales director looking to embrace the power of marketing. Spaces are limited and tickets include post-event networking drinks.

*Please note that attendance is strictly reserved for senior level marketers within the recruitment sector.


Hear from…


09:30 – 10:00

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10:00 – 10:40

Louis 250

About Louis Welcomme

Communications Manager at Colleague Software

Since 2011 Louis has worked for one recruitment’s pioneering technology businesses, Colleague. As communications manager Louis is a prolific networker, constantly striving to engage recruiters through innovation and digital development. Louis is famed for his recruitment webinars and #rechangouts.

Topic: Inbound recruitment: how sales and marketing can work together to engage with better candidates and more businesses

How marketing can help recruiters…

  • Build relationships with better candidates
  • Create and share content that starts the right conversations
  • Focus on engagement by automating lead generation and data capture
  • Engage at the right time using data, intelligence and pipeline management
  • Nurture their personal brand through social networking

10:40 – 11:20

Tracey Barrett 250

About Tracey Barrett

Managing Director at BlueSky PR

Tracey is a highly experienced PR and marketing professional with an extensive portfolio including some of the biggest names in recruitment. Recognised within the recruitment industry as an innovative thought-leader and PR expert, Tracey’s career is impressive and has included marketing roles with HW Group/Hudson, Balfour Beatty and Parker Bridge/Poolia. Tracey helps recruitment consultancies build their brand, get noticed and increase revenue.

Topic: PR – the magical ROI

  • What is PR?
  • More than simply press relations
  • Why bother with PR for recruitment?
  • How to use PR to develop brand awareness
  • Unlocking the mystery behind outstanding PR

11:20 – 11:40

Coffee Break

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11:40 – 12:20

Sam Noble 250

About Sam Noble

Marketing Director, Koozai

Samantha has been working in the marketing industry for over ten years, seven of those years spent specialising in digital marketing with a particular interest in Paid Search and Analytics. She is the Marketing Director at Koozai, a leading digital marketing agency specialising in PPC, SEO, Content, Social and Analytics.

She founded the Digital Females group back in January 2011 which now has in excess of 750 members and has held 15 events to date. You will also find Samantha regularly contributing to the State of Digital blog. She is the Co-Chief Editor and assists with managing and implementing the overall strategy for the site.

Samantha has been speaking at leading digital conferences over the years including BrightonSEO, SES London, SAScon, SearchCongres, Biddable World, On the Edge and OMN London.

Topic: Audience – The Superpower of PPC

2016 is the year of audience (not mobile). As online marketers we now have the ability to leverage the power of audience within our paid advertising campaigns. Gone are the days where all we had to bid on was keywords and apply generic ad text to everyone!

Looking at different audience strategies available and how we should be utilising these in PPC campaigns moving into 2016.

  • Ways to utilise Customer Match across the various channels
  • Bidding strategically using RLSAs
  • Targeting your competitor audiences using Gmail Ads

12:20 – 13:00

Connor 250

About Connor Kinnear

Chief Marketing Officer at Passle

As CMO of leading content marketing platform Passle, Connor knows how important it is to get your senior team to share their expertise online. Connor’s experience of content marketing spreads across a number of industry sectors, affording a unique insight into markets from which recruitment can learn and develop.

Topic: How to create compelling content on LinkedIn that drives traffic back to your website

  • Getting your senior leaders and busy experts creating thought-leadership content
  • Differentiating yourself on social media
  • How to extend your reach through content without paying to play
  • Actionable strategies for long term content success

13:00 – 14:00


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14:00 – 14:40

Lisa Jones 250

About Lisa Jones

Director at Barclay Jones

Lisa is a recruitment, technology and training professional and bit of a phenomenon! Her experience covers the full recruitment spectrum and what Lisa doesn’t know about developing social strategies through technology isn’t worth knowing.  A force of nature Lisa delivers stunning presentations packed with knowledge, energy and fun. If you don’t know Lisa, you need to.

Topic: Content Plans which Don’t Cause Discontent

  • What makes a great practical and deliverable plan
  • Personas are one thing, but getting your content created and read is another
  • Who will write your content? You, your recruiters, copy writers? Or perhaps there’s a secret that I can share to really nail this!

Content is King, marketing is Queen – how to stop having a “great content poor marketing” strategy


14:40 – 15:20

James Saunders 250

About James Saunders

Managing Director at 4MAT

As managing director of the award-winning 4MAT, James is recognised within the industry as a genuine thought-leader. Unbelievably passionate about his work and the recruitment industry as a whole, James is famed for his knowledge within digital branding, marketing and engagement, offering unique insights into the minds of corporate brands and how these affect the daily developments of recruitment agencies.

Topic: Getting personal: tailoring your online candidate experience

  • Personalising the candidate experience through your web site
  • How to make your brand more engaging to appeal to passive candidates
  • Ways to increase candidate interactions and CV conversions
  • How to take the lead from the very best retail web sites

15:20 – 16:00

Ringo Moss 250

About Ringo Moss

Strategist at Positive

Ringo has 10 years experience working in digital design, digital content and the web for some of the worlds biggest brands providing digital production and strategy for Disney, BBC, Harper’s Bazaar, Topshop, Reiss, The Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Ted Baker, Telefonica, Jaguar and Nickelodeon.
As Strategist at Positive, Ringo works to identify and implement best in class design, technology and content strategy, ensuring that the strategic direction of all of the work produced in the Positive studio is as effective and measurable as possible.
His work has been recognised by RAR, DADI, BAFTA, Cream and The Fresh Awards for digital excellence.

Topic: Behavioural Tricks for New Business Persuasion

  • Understanding cognitive biases and behaviours
  • Key areas to remember when trying to win that new business
  • 3 ways to use cognitive biases to your advantage (and score that client!)
  • How your competition is already using these findings to their advantage
  • Top tips for further reading

16:00 – 18:00

Post-event Networking Drinks

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