Online & Multichannel Recruitment Conference

Danubius Regents Park Hotel, London The 8th Annual Online & Multichannel Recruitment conference brings together leading industry experts and real-life practitioners to offer an essential guide to innovative strategies in recruiting top talent online. 

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Are you making the most of the latest multichannel recruitment strategies? Organisations are realising they must up their games exponentially to keep up with fierce competition to recruit the best candidates. Technology and culture have seismically altered the recruitment landscape, and the change is rapid.

This key annual event ensures you will: * Keep up with technology developments to employ the best changes accessing top candidates * Fulfil a business need to build a strong social media presence * Control the costs of acquiring media and databases and managing channels * Keep up with recent legal developments to ensure your strategy works within the laws around data collection and storing, privacy and discrimination * Ensure authentic messaging and branding

To make sure you access world-class information, experience and advice, we've lined up an expert speaker panel and all-new programme including: * Nestle’s experiences of shifting sourcing strategy to passive engagement * EY: elements of an award-winning gamification campaign * Allen and Overy's legal update on how to work within the latest data collection, privacy and discrimination directives * Samsung Electronics' tips on how to establish an employer brand witting the corporate marketing umbrella * Regus’ method of accessing overseas talent pools * Ensure you're ready now for 2017: identifying your audience and speaking their language * Maximising and quantifying the effectiveness of your social media strategy

The 8th Online & Multichannel Recruitment Conference provides the opportunity to significantly improve your recruitment strategy; maximise use of social media, drastically reduce costs, ensure your recruitment policies are legally sound and enrich the experience of the applicant